Brewer Adams #1

Brewer came to the program as an 8 year old and from Day one he’s had a driving force to get better at the game of baseball. Brewer is the type of player that every coach loves to have on their team. He’s a competitor who wants to win at everything he does. Brewer is his own toughest critic which at times can hurt him; however, it’s also what makes him special. Brewer is an outgoing energetic kid. While attending the joy prom Brewer didn’t find a camera or a dance circle he didn’t like. He was all over the dance floor doing the whip and Nae Nae all night. 

Most kids when you ask them what their favorite food to eat is would say pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, maybe even ice cream. Brewer said his favorite thing to eat is pasta! That’s a first for me. Brewer’s favorite baseball team is the Braves and his favorite player is Ronald Acuna Jr of the Atlanta Braves. 

Brewer was chosen as the dare to be different player of the month because of the energy and joy he brings to the field everyday. He’s not afraid to be him and just him. Brewer’s smile is electrifying, he is a true leader and players love to be around him when he shows up. This was apparent during the Joy Prom. Brewer is a great kid with lots of potential in whatever he chooses to do. 

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